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Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)

Below you will find our aerial vehicle products and their specifications. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products or have questions about possible size and configurations please contact us for prices and quotes.

​Cricket UGV
Highly articulated and reconfigurable UGV

for operations in complex confined spaces.

This robot is suitable for numerous

operations including Search & Rescue,

Surveillance, Sewer and pipleine inspection,

etc. This UGV is able  to adapt its moving

mechanism (e.g., walking gate) and

reconfigure according to the terrain. These

characteristics enable this robot to be

deployed inside collapsed buildings, mines,

etc. Using a sophisticated 3D control and

navigation algorithms this vehicle can go up ladders, maneuver inside and outside vertical and horizontal pipelines, etc.


Loc8 UGV

Omni-directional UGV for indoor

and outdoor rough terrains. This

UGV can navigate on terrains

where other omni-directional

UGVs can't. This is achieved by a

novel Mecanum wheel design

(i.e., semi-circular and elliptical

adaptable wheel design) capable

of overcoming obstacles 70-75%

of the wheel diameter when the UGV is traveling sideways.  A sophisticated navigation control system for wheel state determination allows the vehicle to overcome such obstacles.


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