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Devices for UVS

 (Robot Hands and Sensors for Unmanned Vehicles)

Below you will find our 3D sensing devices and robot hand products and their specifications. If you are interested in any of these products or have questions about their spcificiations please contact us.


Spherical Lidar      (for Real-Time UVS sense & avoid​)

Soon 4Front Robotics will release a unique High Definition (HD) spherical Lidar using a novel vision architecture. This high-grade LiDAR sensor, specially developed for UAV and UGV usage, will be capable of generating HD maps and identify small cross section obstacles (such as cables and power lines at relatively long distances ) in real-time.

Coupled with 4Front Robotics' propietary 3D navigation mechanism for confined spaces, UAVs will be able to perform sense & avoid in real time and navigate at high speeds in any static or dynamic open as well as confined environment.  

This sensor is being developed to meet the challenges of emerging fixed-wing and VTOL UAV missions for commercial applications.

The sperical LiDAR will have 360 degree vertical and horizontal field of view and produce HD quality point cloud maps in front, back, left, right, up and bottom of the UAV simultaneously.

The LiDAR sensor's applications will include, but are not limited to: Search & Rescue, Urban policing, Forestry, and Infrastructure Inspection.


Robot Hands   (for Unmanned Vehicles)​

HSRH-01      (High Speed Hand for Unmanned Vehicles)

This 3-finger robotic hand was

designed to be used on UVS

systems. This hand is able to

perform tasks at high speeds (joint

vel = 180 degree in 1/10 sec) suitable

for grasping objects, manipulating

the environment and executing

tasks while the UVS (e.g., UAV)

moves and navigates within

confined spaces or otherwise.


UARH-01      (​Under-Actuated Robot Hand)

This 3-finger robot hand was designed for UAVs, UGVs and underwater robotic platforms that need a self-adaptive hand capable of grasping a priori unknown objects in complex environments with minimal control effort. This hand has the dexterity to passively self-adapt to secure objects of different sizes and shapes regardless of their orientation without external control.


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