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Careers & News​

Available Positions

Human Resources, February 2014.


Please check the link below for positions available within 4Front Robotics.  Positions are posted on a regular basis as need and opportunities arises.  

To review the current open positions within our company and instructions on how to apply and submit your resume for consideration please use the button below.

4Front Robotics is a research & development company that specializes in the design and deployment of portable Unmanned Vehicle Systems for confined and complex environments/applications.  We are committed to providing our employees with exciting challenges in a professional, fair, and respectful environment. We support University and College internship programs and are committed to ushering students into our activities with full- and part-time internship opportunities.

Client projects

​R&D Division, February 2014.

These are some examples of the projects that we have developed for our clients and some internal projects in which we are currently working on:

   i)  A crawler robot for cable suspended bridge inspection and snow/ice removal during snow storms.

 ii)   High speed unmanned ground vehicle for a priori unknown outdoor environments,

iii)   A fixed-wing UAV using two wing configurations for calm and agressive weather conditions used

        in photogrametry

News Relationship Office, February 2014.

4Front Robotics Ltd. was incorporated in 2012 to provide unmanned vehicle solutions to complex problems where current robotic devices cannot be used.

Read about our latest activities, events, demonstrations by clicking the link below.

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