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About Us

4Front Robotics Ltd. was founded by Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano on October 2012. 4Front Robotics is an Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) firm specializing in the development, deployment and custom service provider of autonomous ground (UGV) and aerial (UAV) vehicles for civil applications. We provide solutions to real complex problems in challenging environments. At the moment the company focuses on highly maneuverable aerial and ground vehicles capable of performing missions in highly complex/confined environments/spaces. 4Front Robotics is a company that resulted from a number of significant developments in the areas of design, navigation, control and perception mechanisms of UVS by Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano and his research team over the past 15 years. We look forward to working with you in developing effective unmanned systems to solve your needs.







4Front's strength is applying its technology platforms to solve our clients needs and provide rapid response to deliver cost effective UVS services and perform a wide variety of functions. The majority of these functions are a form of remote sensing to facilitate complex missions. Bringing UVS breakthroughs to commercial use is our mission. For this, we apply an innovative approach to industry-university research and conduct joint research projects to accelerate the practical applications of unmanned vehicle systems and deploy the practical technologies of tomorrow.

4Front Robotics Ltd. is a dynamic, highly progressive and truly innovative aerial & ground unmanned vehicle company. We are a project, manufacture and service company. 4Front Robotics was established to provide solutions for aerial and ground unmanned systems with a strong emphasis on continuous R&D, advanced control, and superior service provider. Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 4Front Robotics is at the forefront of the nascent unmanned vehicle industry in terms of deploying our UVS in confined complex environments.

Our philosophy is to do extensive R&D and commercialize such developments to enhance peoples life and society, where engineers, lead by innovative-thinking managers, design novel UVS technologies using the latest breaking progress in robotic systems.

Collaboration... Not Competition
We operate under a model that emphasizes and promotes collaboration, not competition, between industry, government, academia, colleagues, and research centers. This model stresses the development of technologies based on the needs of society, not companies.

​Our History​:
Founded in  2012 by University of Calgary professor and roboticist, Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano, 4Front Robotics develops ground and aerial unmanned vehicles for complex and confined environments. 4Front's UGVs and UAVs will enhance and revolutionize the way complex tasks are solved in the civilian sector. Despite a young company 4Front Robotics is committed to building unmanned vehicles that improve the way robots are used to enhance the way missions are performed and increase the quality of how companies and organizations solve problems.

Company Milestones









  • 4Front completes the theoretical design of its hybrid (transitional) UAV design having the same highly maneuverable capabilities of the original VTOL UAV but with the fixed-wing flying capabilities.

  • Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano is awarded the ASTech award in Applied Technology & Innovation for work in UAV and robotic technology. (Alberta highest Science & Technology honor).

  • 4Front completes the design of its gas-powered version of its UAV for helicopter impenetrable environments having 85-90 lbs payload capabilities and 60-90 minutes fly time endurance (based on gas tank size).

  • 4Front develops the first truly onmi-directional ground robot, Loc8, capable to maneuver over outdoor rough terrains.  

  • 4Front Robotics is funded and incorporated.

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