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Clients & Collaborators

We work and have worked with various companies and organizations in diverse ways. We also have strong relationships with federal and provincial organizations that help us acquire resources, network with potential national & international clients, and facilitate our growth.

We also collaborate with a number of companies, organizations and municipalities using complementary skills and knowledge to develop effective, user friendly and cost effective portable unmanned vehicle solutions for civil applications. Our products are used by agencies, municipalities and companies across a number of countries and areas of expertise. Our customers are able to solve their problems effectively while reducing time, costs and efforts. An example of our clients, collaborators, partners, and companies with whom we perform business activities include:

(What they're saying ):

  • “Our collaboration with 4Front Robotics has enabled us to further develop our quantum sensors and deploy them via autonomous unmanned aerial and ground platforms. Working with 4Front Robotics has been a tremendous pleasure.” 

SPARCLabs, California, USA

  • ​“Dr. Alex and his team have helped us to further developed and deploy our mini and robotic training ground robotic systems using their control architectures for high speed unmanned vehicles via on-line terrain perception mechanisms.”​

Mechatroniq Systems Inc.

  • “Working with 4Front Robotics has enabled us to reach our goals and move forward in our organization's objectives in record time. The unique capabilities of their products and capabilities have been a tremendous help in our activities.”

Biotron / MAGIC-Works

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