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Internal R&D Projects

R&D Division, February 2014.

These are some examples of the research projects which we are currently working on at 4Front Robotics:​



We are currently working on the following four main projects:

1)  A heavy lift VTOL UAV for helicopter impenetrable environments having the ability to position its sensors in different positions and orientations using sophisticated acrobatic maneuvers such as pitched hover. This vehicle will include a high speed robot hand to enable it to manipulate the environment and collect environment data samples as it navigates.

3)  A reconfigurable mobile robot combining wheels, legs and tracks to enable it to maneuver in highly complex confined environments such as those encountered in collapsed buildings using novel 3D reconfigurable mechanisms and terrain perception algorithms.

2)  A high speed (e.g., 150 Km/hr) unmanned ground vehicle for navigation in a priori unknown environments by using sophisticated terrain perception mechanisms coupled with enhanced vehicle speed and steering control.

4)  With state of the art Unmanned Surface vehicles (USVs) from Clearpath Robotics we are developing navigation and data collection mechanisms to enable our UVS perform water and environment monitoring activities using sophisticated navigation, DOE (Design Of Experiments), and machine learning algorithms. These developments will enable UAVs, UGVs, and USVs to autonomously detect the source of water contaminants, locate pipeline leaks and inspect pipelines in real time.   

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