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Research & Development


4Front Robotics Ltd. develops and manufactures its own proprietary UVS systems and has developed novel aerial and ground systems and associate 3D maneuvering, control and sensing mechanisms. 4Front Robotics has a continued commitment to UAV and UGV technology advancements capable of being deployed and going places where other systems can’t.

• In the UGV area our developments and products include omni-directional and high speed single man deployable ground vehicles capable of performing missions in outdoor rough terrains where traditional rovers fail to navigate. Based on sophisticated terrain assessment sensing tools and robot control our UGVs can navigate and perform path planning in real-time while autonomously moving at high speeds.

- Our R&D work include reconfigurable UGVs for confined space reconnaissance, surveillance, system inspection and maintenance. Based on their navigation and reconfiguration capabilities these robots can be used in search & rescue applications, sewer and pipeline (internal /external, vertical/horizontal) inspection.

- Based on a patented wheel design our onmi-directional ground robots are capable of navigating and maneuvering on complex rough terrains including sand and loose gravel environments, flat and slopped terrains and any combination of such surfaces while capable of moving in any direction at any given time (regardless of the terrain conditions).

• In the UAV area our work include the development of heavy lift highly maneuverable VTOL UAVs for helicopter impenetrable environments having the capability to perform maneuvers that no other aircraft can execute and maneuver within highly confined spaces such as collapsed buildings, mines, and within the canopy of forests. Our vehicles include sophisticated 3D navigation and sensing mechanisms for precise navigation within confined urban and natural environments.



Through diverse R&D efforts 4Front Robotics UVS systems are targeted to have the following three main characteristics:

      i)  Mission execution at high speeds,

     ii)  Fully autonomous deployment and mission execution, and

    iii)  Capable to execute their tasks in highly complex man-made or natural outdoor confined environments.

To achieve these goals we develop, use and integrate unique navigation, control, and sensing mechanisms coupled with novel vehicle designs. Our UVS devices can be equipped with a wide range of sensors (e.g., cameras, LiDAR, gas sniffers) and carry high speed devices such as robot hands for environment sample data collection and manipulation.

Due to their characteristics 4Front Robotics’ products and services find their application in a wide range of civil and industry applications reducing costs, increasing mission accuracy and reducing the time needed to execute the mission.

We are commitment is to provide novel cost effective solutions for complex missions in diverse areas of application including:

     • Forestry (e.g., forest fire monitoring/management, aerial photogrammetry sensing via UAVs),

     • Pipeline (e.g., leak detection and inspection),
     • Search and rescue (e.g., locate victims within collapsed buildings) ,

     • Policing (e.g., traffic and accident data collection),
     • Oil and gas (e.g., terrain 3D imaging),
     • Environmental monitoring (e.g., water and air quality),
     • Sewage (e.g., inspection and maintenance),

     Utility Vegetation Management (e.g., inspection/monitoring of power line clearances with respect to vegetation and objects),

     • Etc.

The use of 4Front Robotics’ products in the above areas is possible due to sophisticated UAV and UGV system design, navigation and control allowing them to effectively maneuver within any 3D or 2½ confined environment where traditional UVS systems cannot perform.

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