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Ground-Up Design

Our extensive background in mechanical, sensing, and mechatronic design, coupled with electronic PCB design allows us to tackle, test and deploy complex  unmanned vehicle design activities. We can provide a working prototype which can be produced in larger volumes, if needed.

We can interpret your requirements and constraints and develop a custom portable ground or aerial UVS system (single man deployable) built with state-of-the-art devices for your specific needs. We specialize in high-speed UVS capable of maneuverung in confined spaces that can perform the given mission fast and efficiently. Our systems provide speed, strength and effective control for diverse commercial applications including military and R&D uses.

Our systems are designed to perform in the most extreme and hazardous environments.

Below you will find some examples of the custom work that we have performed for some of our clients. If you are interested in custom UVS work for your specific application or have questions about our past work please contact us.

Hand launched  UAV

 A portable (packable in a

commercial aircraft carry-on size case) fixed wing aircraft with swappable short and long wings for calm and windy conditions.

This hand launched modular

vehicle is being specially designed for photogrammetry and other applications.

Crawler for cable
suspended bridges

A wireless robotic crawler for cable snow and ice removal during and after snow storms on cable suspended bridges. Various sizes of this robot can be manufactured depending on the specific cable stay diameter.

This robot has the capabilities to be also used for cable  inspection tasks using its on board front and back cameras.

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