VTOL and Fixed wing UAVs
VTOL and Fixed wing UAVs

Founder & President Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano with various experimental and purchased UAVs used at various research stages before and after 4Front Robotics was created.

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Navig8 Mini UAV
Navig8 Mini UAV

Portable (electric) twin shrouded-variable-pitch prop highly maneuverable VTOL UAV for confined helicopter impenetrable environments.

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"Cricket" reconfigurable UGV
"Cricket" reconfigurable UGV

Four articulated legs with tracks robot suitable for confined spaces including internal & external pipelines of diverse and changing diameters (picture is a nps 42 pipeline).

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Our products include:


  - Highly Maneuverable

    VTOL UAVs for helicopter




  - Reconfigurable ground

    vehicles for operations in

    confined spaces.

  - Onmidirectional vehicles

    for outdoor rough


Robot Hands:

  - High speed robot hands

    for unmanned aerial and

    ground vehicles.

Control & Navigation:

  - Navigation and control

    mechanisms for mobile

    robots deployed in

    confined environments.

4Front Robotics provide unmanned vehicles and perform services for complex missions:

​  - Pipeline monitoring,​

  - Search & Rescue,

  - Power line clearance


  - Terrain 3D imaging,

  - Environmental

    monitoring (e.g., water

    and air quality),

  - Etc.

Our developments and products include high speed single man deployable ground and VTOL aircrafts for complex environments. Our vehicles are capable of performing missions in both outdoor complex rough and 3D confined environments where traditional vehicles fail to navigate.

All our systems have the following three characteristics:

  • High Speed Mission Execution
  • Full Autonomy Operation
  • Deployed in Complex and Confined 3D Environments

4Front Robotics is committed to providing our employees with exciting challenges in a professional, fair, and respectful environment. We support University and College internship programs and are committed to ushering students into our activities with full- and part-time internship opportunities.

4Front Robotics is an Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) company dedicated to providing unique solutions to complex problems by developing innovative UVS platforms through strong research and development activities.  We deploy our solutions where others can't.  

4Front Robotics, founded in 2012, works with ground and aerial systems as well as with projects led by private companies, governmental agencies, and universities. 

Contact us and see how we can help with your UVS needs.